Episode 113: Joan RIsch (Episode and Timeline)

Episode 113: Joan RIsch (Episode and Timeline)

In 1961, a housewife and mother of two, 30-year-old Joan Risch was living with her family in Lincoln, Massachusetts. October 24th should have been just like any other day. Her husband was out of town on business and she had errands to run. But in strange and mysterious circumstances, she goes missing and to this day, almost 60 years later, she has never been found. But maybe that is exactly the way she wanted it.

0650: Martin Risch leaves for his work trip

0700: Joan RIsch starts her day with Lillian and David

1000: Joan and Lillian leave home to run errands. Milkman and newspaper delivery man report nothing unusual at the Risch family home

1115: Joan and Lillian arrive back home

1115 - 1145: Walton Kohlberg pick up Martin's business suits. He reports nothing unusual at the Risch family home

1200 - 1400: David goes down for his nap. Lillian and Douglas play in the Risch driveway while Joan does some gardening

1400: Joan takes Lillian and Douglas to the Barker backyard to play, telling them she would be back soon. Joan heads back to her home alone

1415: Barbara Barker sees Joan in a trench coat and her arms are outstretched holding a red unidentified object. She assumes she is playing with the children

1445: Unconfirmed sighting of Joan Risch on Route 2A

1500: Neighbor's daughter, Virginia Keene spots an unknown two-toned sedan in the Risch driveway 

1505: Another neighbor reports seeing the same unknown two-toned sedan leaving either the RIsch or Keene driveway

1500 - 1515: Unconfirmed sighting of Joan Risch. This time on the connecting Route 128

1600: Barbara discovers Lillian and Douglas in her backyard. She takes Lillian back home, leaving her in the driveway to enter the home on her own

1630: Unconfirmed sighting of Joan Risch on Route 128 near a construction site

1630: Barbara returns home to find Lillian in her backyard. She is upset and saying that the kitchen is covered in "red paint". Barbara contacts the police. 

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114: The Dahlsjo Disappearance

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