Article: Lars Mittank

Article: Lars Mittank

On June 30 2014, Lars Mittank, who is a 28 year old German man, leaves for a one week boy’s trip to Bulgaria with his friends. From what I can understand, it seems that Bulgaria is very popular for young Germans and British people go on holidays, somewhat of a party town. 

One night, Lars and his friends are out drinking at a local night spot or bar and Lars gets involved in a fight and he gets injured as a result. I couldn’t find any great detail about the fight. There appears to be a disagreement of some type or another and he got into a physical altercation. And I believe there was damage to his eardrum which will be important a bit later on. 

Lars doesn't let the injury effect his holiday so he continues to enjoy his holiday with his friends. But when it is time to leave, the doctor tells him that he cannot fly because of his ear and give him some medication. Again maybe because there might have been damage to the eardrum and the pressure from the altitude could have caused permanent damage or hearing loss. Lars seems non-plus about the whole things and tells his friends he’ll just stay on in Bulgaria for a while longer and rent a room in a hostel. So, his friends leave Lars in Bulgaria and they head back to Germany.

Now from what I’ve been able to find, it looks like there were several phone calls to his mother in a very short period of time. One of them seemed to have happened in the middle of the night. Again details of exactly what he told her have proven a little hard to get. But essentially what he was telling her is that he was afraid or fearful of someone or someone was going to get him. He then calls several times and then would hang up before the end of the call which would have been upsetting to his mother.  

On June 8 2014, Lars heads back to Varna airport, adamant he needs to go home and get on the next flight. From what I could understand from what I’ve read, they send him to some medical facility at the airport to get clearance before he would be allowed to fly. And I believe that’s true because in the footage, he appears to be running out of the airport. Anyway, he goes to be medical facility with all his stuff, luggage, etc at about 9.30am. And you can see that in the footage, that he walks into the airport with his luggage and maybe what appears to be his cellphone. His demeanour seems calm and relaxed at this point. A construction worker in an official looking uniform than enters the medical facility about half an hour later and Lars panics and runs out of the doctor’s office.

So this is when we have more CCTV footage of Lars as he just runs out of the airport, without his belongings. Apparently, witnesses report seeing Lars outside climbing over a two and a half metre fence that had barbed wire on the top that was at the airport and running into a nearby woods and he just disappears. This is the last credible reported sighting of Lars.

Suspected sighting

However, about 6 months later, a Bulgarian truck driver reports that he sees Lars hitchhiking. The truck driver reports that Lars looked dishevelled. This sighting was never confirmed to be Lars and from what I have read, the investigators don’t really think it was in fact, Lars Mittank.

I don’t know if Lars would have been living in the woods that long. I don’t know if he was afraid of going home. He did seem to have some fear of authorities from how he apparently reacted from the man in uniform at the medical facility. A man in a uniform walks in, he panics and he literately runs out without his stuff. I’m not sure if he thought he was going to be arrested for something he did or something he had on him or in his bags. I’m really not sure. There are more questions than answers in this case. And quite honestly, there isn’t a lot of information for us to review to answer any of them.  


Illegal activity

Firstly, there is a possibly that maybe Lars was doing something illegal in Bulgaria. He had some type of drug with him and was afraid of being arrested or even just found out or something of that affect. But, with how long he has been missing that theory doesn’t really hold up great for me. I would assume that at some point he would have thought that he was free and clear, he could have gotten rid of the drugs or something like that and then tried to get himself home. But, obviously without any resources, he doesn’t have a cellphone, he doesn’t have his bag, I think that would make any return back to Germany a bit of a problem. But, he could have always gotten some change to call his mother or called her collect and she could have helped him. 

Lars was drugged

Another theory is that maybe Lars was slipped some kind of drug. It wasn’t a drug that he had intentionally taken, maybe a party drug when he was at a nightclub with his friend. And that may have caused some sort of mental break or psychosis to start.   

The injury to his ear caused a psychosis

The third theory is the injury to his ear.  Is there something related to the damage to his ear that could have caused a potential issue with some sort of psychosis?

Definitely the small amount of facts we have in this case do lead to this conclusion. I did read an article that head injuries can cause a variety of neuro-behavioural issues such as impairment in emotions, memory, cognition, and present itself in manners similar to dementia and psychosis. Of course, this doesn’t happen in every head injury but there is medical evidence that it can happen.

I think that when you look at what we do know and the video of Lars running away from the airport, and then there is the phone calls that didn’t seem to go anywhere to his mother, none of that makes a lot of sense. I would definitely say that this is a possibility.

I guess what we don’t know is exactly how long this type of psychosis would last with the type of injury he had. I mean, this is a case now coming up to, what, 3 years? Would he really be stuck still fighting these forms of psychosis on his own in Bulgaria? Or would these symptoms eventually faded and given him some opportunity to try and get home?  

So, what happened to Lars Mittank?

I really don’t know. Potentially did something happen to him? Is he not able to get home? Did he succumb to the elements in the woods? Something worse? There are so many different ways this story could go and as I keep saying, there isn’t a whole lot of information to go on. There really isn’t all that much more information to help us. 

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