Article: Kayelyn Louder

Article: Kayelyn Louder

Kayelyn Louder was born along with her twin brother, Colton on January 21 1984 to parents, Leland Louder and Suzanne Ackerman-Louder. 

In 2006, Kayelyn graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Social Work. Kayelyn struggled to find lasting employment after she graduated and had a period of long unemployment throughout 2013 and 2014.

On February 27 2009, Kayelyn's twin brother, Colton, who was struggling with a drug problem at the time, shoots dead their uncle, Jeffrey Ackerman. Colton pleaded guilty to manslaughter on November 17 2009 and was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

In mid-2014, Katelyn finally found employment at a private boy's school but later lost the job in August or September 2014. It is suspected that she lost her job because she was dog-sitting for which is a freelance dog boarding and dog-sitting matching service.

She also had her own dog, a pug named Phyllis that was her great love. She seemed very close to her dog and that's one of the pieces that make this case even more mysterious later when she decided to leave the condo she was living at and she didn't take her dog with her, where in most of the other surveillance videos, she has Phyllis with her. But more on the surveillance videos a bit later.

Strange Behaviour

"The loud party" 911 calls

In the 24 hours leading up to her disappearance, Kayelyn started to exhibit some unusual behaviour.

On September 26 2014 at about 9pm, Kayelyn called 911 from her cellphone to report a "large fight" and gunshots coming from her condo's clubhouse. When the police arrive, they found a wedding reception but all the party-goers insist there was definitely no fight there. An hour later, she called 911 again but hangs up before they answer.

 "The break in" 911 call

The next day, September 27 2014 at 8.18am, Kayelyn made yet another 911 call claiming someone was trying to break into and rob her condo. 

Dispatchers reported to the police that they could hear Kayelyn in the background yelling at people to leave. Her roommate was present during this phone call and denied that there is anyone else in the condo. 

Kayelyn's roommate informed the police that there was no one else in the condo and when the police later attended Kayelyn's condo, they found no evidence of a break-in, or attempted break-in. 

The surveillance videos

There are also two surveillance videos from Kayelyn's condo complex that capture her. One is recorded outside her condo on September 27 2014 at 3.30pm, apparently Kayelyn is having an animated conversation with herself. The second was at 5.45pm the same day.

What is interesting in these surveillance videos, is that she doesn't appear to be dressed how you normally would for the weather. It's raining and she is barefoot in shorts and a tank top. 

In the second video, she is running but she doesn't seem to be running at a pace as you would normally expect if she was being chased. It seems to be a more casual jog. 

In the third video, she is coming back around the same corner, but this time she is carrying her dog, Phyllis. She then puts the dog down on the ground and she appears to be looking around a lot. But I don't think she is talking to herself, it would be more likely she was talking to her dog. It seems pretty clear to me that she is talking to her dog as her head is turned in that direction. When I had a dog, I used to talk to her all the time so it doesn't seem strange to me. 

And in this video, she is still seems fascinated with that creek area but it seems to me that she is waiting for something. I couldn't see her dog so maybe Kayelyn is waiting for her dog to come back?

Kayelyn's mental health

Kayelyn's father has reported that Kayelyn did not have any mental health illnesses or disorders however she was a little depressed due to her unemployment situation. Apparently, Kayelyn's mother spoke to Kayelyn the morning she disappeared and it was Kayelyn's plans of the day to update her resume and she was going to try to apply for some new jobs. 

I did see some mention that Kayelyn might have gotten some news within the last few days before she disappeared that a job opportunity had fallen through, plus, she was dealing with her twin brother being in jail. She was obviously going through a fair amount of emotional stress in her life so I would be very surprised if she wasn't going through some sort of depression of some kind. 

 Kayelyn is found

Unfortunately, on December 2 2014, Kayelyn's remains were found by a team of work crews that were examining a blocked drainage pipe nearby. Kayelyn's remains were found almost completely submerged in the middle of the Jordon River, under a bridge and partially hidden by water plants, about 5 miles away from where she lived. 

Why Kayelyn left her home, how she died and how her body ended up where it was found and how long it was there remains unknown.


Did she fall into Little Cottonwood creek?

There are some big questions around this because I looked on google maps and from where she lived at the Willows Condominiums to the Jordon River, there is a creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, from the surveillance videos that runs along the condos. The theory is this creek carried her remains into the bigger Jordon River, all the way to where she was found. Now following a little blue line on google maps is one thing but when you actually look at this area, it certain raises some questions.

I did read in one article that mentioned that it rained particularly heavy on the day that Kayelyn disappeared and it likely brought the water levels up higher than it normally would have been before. 

It does get tricky in some sections though. In one particular section of the smaller rivers, there seems to be a natural dam that has built up and it is difficult to imagine how something the size of a grown human body wouldn't get stuck on something along the way. Another part flows under a bridge overpass through some sort of drainage system, so it would also need to pass through that. And then there is a small embankment that I am not sure how a body could even fit through. 

And apparently, Kayelyn's remains did not have any bruises or scrapes on them that would be deemed consistent if it had traveled along a creek for over five miles. There are definitely some questions on how all of that could have worked and how that is possible.

Foul play

An autopsy was conducted on Kayelyn's remains that resulted in an undetermined cause of death due to exposure to the water. There was also a toxicology report done that indicated nothing fatal or illegal in her system.

The police quickly ruled out foul play as an option but the family are adamant that they believed the opposite and hired some private investigators to look more into what happened to Kayelyn.

There has not been reported that Kayelyn had any enemies that she may have had.

What happened to this girl? Is this another case of a psychotic break or psychotic episode? Was it a planned suicide? Why didn't she take her dog with her? Did something else happen to her?

I don't know, it must be heartbreaking for Kayelyn's family to have that memory of seeing Kayelyn in that state. This case just has this big question mark over my head and I cannot help but wonder is this stuff really happening? Did the law enforcement do everything they could, at least from the family's perspective? In other cases, we have seen families pay for an independent autopsy to be done. If Kayelyn's family really does believe that Kayelyn met with foul play, I would hope that they would use some resources to pursue that. 

And there is this aspect that, of course, the family is going to have trouble believing their loved one may have committed suicide or might have had some sort of psychotic break that causes them to harm themselves, either intentionally or accidentally. But the truth is sometimes different than the perception that a family member might want to believe. 

But it is a mystery. If she did fall into Little Cottonwood creek behind her home, is it possible for her remains to navigate through all those strange waterways and some very tight places. And why didn't they find Kayelyn earlier and they were looking in this area during the initial search? How they didn't find her then if she was indeed there, I don't know.


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