Article: Patricia Adkins

Article: Patricia Adkins

29-year-old Patricia Ann Adkins, or Patti to her friends, was last seen around midnight on June 29, 2001 at the Honda of America automotive plant in Marysville, Ohio. After clocking out, she walked out to the parking lot with some co-workers and was never seen again. The plant where she was working was closing for a one-week shutdown due to the Fourth of July holiday. Patti had told her friends and family that she was leaving on vacation right after her shift ended, and she would return for her next work shift on July 8, 2001. Due to this, no one realised that Patti was in fact missing until she had been gone for at least a week.

Patti told her friends and family that she was having an affair with a married co-worker who was planning on leaving his wife for her. His name has not been made public. She had loaned him approximately $90,000 over the course of their relationship, emptying her savings accounts and borrowing against her retirement fund. This was apparently so the man could get his business out of debt. Shortly before she went missing, she told her married co-worker that he would need to start repaying her soon so she could clear her own debts. 

According to her sister, Patti and the co-worker were going away for a week on a camping trip that he had arrange in a remote area in Canada. Patti asked a friend to drive her to work that last day. The man allegedly told Patti not to pack anything and that they would buy what they needed when they arrived. Despite being told this, Patti packed a small teal-coloured duffel bag. She told her friend it contained something she’d bought at Victoria’s Secret and that the item was blue. The bag and the contents have never been found.

Patti told a friend that the man needed to give another co-worker a lift home. And so no one would know they were leaving together, and so it wouldn’t get back to his wife about the affair, Patti agrees to hide under the cover in the back of the man’s truck and she was to hide there until he had dropped the other co-worker off home.

Patti was scheduled to see her hairdresser after her vacation was over, she never attends this appointment. She leaves her car behind in her garage and all her belongings were undisturbed inside her house. Patti was a single mother of one daughter, who was seven-years-old at the time of Patti’s disappearance. She had asked one of her sister’s to baby-sit and she puts her cats in a kennel for a week while she is gone. When Patti fails to return to pick up her daughter, her sister reports her missing to police.

At least one report refutes Patti’s version of her relationship with her married co-worker. This person reports that while the man was friends with Patti, he simply ignored all attempts of romantic advances from Patti. In fact, allegedly Patti’s infatuation had turned to obsession and she had begun to stalk him.

When the police interview the married co-worker, he says that he had no plans on going away with Patti, he never had an affair with her and he only knew of her. He denies that he and Patti are friends. He claims that he indeed gave another co-worker a lift home on June 29. The two drives the 30 miles toward their hometown of Canton, Ohio. They stop at a Burger King restaurant, wait for 45 minutes at the drive-through, get their food and go home. The man’s wife backs up their story, saying her husband arrived home at 2.30am as per usual. However, the Burger King manager said that they were never busy in the early hours of the morning and there was no way anyone would have waited 45 minutes at drive-through to get their food.

Both the married co-worker and his wife would be interviewed a number of times by the police, and their stories change from the initial statements. They originally tell the police that the man was home all week and then they say the man went fishing for a few days. The man takes a polygraph and fails it. Shortly after Patti’s disappearance, he quits his job at the Honda plant, reportedly due to the rumours about his involvement in Patti’s disappearance.

The married co-worker gives the police permission to search his home. There, the police find a new cover in his garage. The man claims he bought it on June 26 to cover some fishing gear in his truck bed. And that he put it on a truck on the morning Patti went missing and removed it and put it in the garage on July 8. He didn’t drive the truck regularly, but did drive it to work on June 29 2001. Police take the cover for analysis and find cat hairs and a small sport of blood. A veterinarian confirms the hair came from the same breed of cat as the cats Patti own. The spot of blood has never been tested for DNA because the amount was too small. However, I question the validity of this. I think it is quite possible the blood did not exist and was only ever mentioned to put pressure on a potential suspect.

One theory is that because of her large debt, and an unrequited love, Patti decides to disappear to escape her mounting problems. Another possibility is that maybe Patti takes the $90,000 for herself to disappear on her own accord. And she leaves her daughter with her sister because she knows her sister would provide a good home for the girl. I don’t find this theory plausible. Patti was a devoted mother, extremely close to her family and she loved her pets. She owned a house in a nice, suburban neighborhood, was on good terms with her ex-husband and had a secure, well-paying job.

Another theory is that maybe Patti’s married co-worker plan to kill her to avoid repaying her the money he owed her or so his wife wouldn’t discover the affair. Or maybe they really did plan on going on that vacation but had a fight after leaving the plant and was killed accidentally. Similarly, maybe Patti was stalking the man and climbed into the back of his truck to surprise him and instead was killed accidentally. In either of these last two scenarios, the man could have panicked and disposed of her body.

Sadly, in 2009, Patti’s family accept that their daughter, sister and mother is most likely deceased. They have her declared legally dead.

At the time of her disappearance, Patricia Ann Adkins was 29-years-old. She would now be 46-years-old. Patti is 5’8” and weighed about 120 pounds. She had long light brown hair with blonde highlights and hazel eyes. She has a tattoo of a flower in the middle of her back, pierced ears and a pierced navel. She was last seen wearing a white Honda work uniform. Extensive ground, air and water searches of the Maryville area have not recovered any evidence, and there has been no activity on Patti’s bank accounts.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Patricia Ann Adkins, please contact the Maryville Police Department on 937-642-3900. 

Article: Morten Aigeltinger

Article: Morten Aigeltinger

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