Frequently Asked Questions

What's your podcast about?
Unsolved and unresolved crimes, missing persons, possible wrongful convictions, forgotten history and any other baffling mystery that takes our interest. Our goal is to give you the facts, throw in some theories, a spoonful of rabbit hole ideas and mix them all together to give you our hour (ish) long format of conversation and discussion.

How do I suggest a story?
Email us at, send us a message on Facebook, tweet @insightfulpod, send us a message on Instagram or leave a message on the website. 

Where do you get your research material?
The internet, books and documentaries. While there can be a whole heap of information out there on a subject, a lot can be rumours that are parroted and then taken as fact. We do our best to dig through several resources and try and verify the information we use. Sometimes it is easy to find a lot of information and sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find, well, another frog but this frog gives you that key piece of information you have spent days looking for.

One thing we will never do is use wiki as a primary research source. We will only ever use wiki as a quick overview of a case and then the fun job of researching begins!


How did you meet each other? And who is that guy in the first three episodes? 

Charlie (a talented podcaster in her own right with a little gem of a podcast, Ex Post) and Ali (that strange Australian with zero podcasting experience) were long time listeners to another comedy true crime podcast, History Dweebs. One day, the host of History Dweebs, Tim mentioned in a Facebook discussion that he wanted to start a serious (i.e. not comedy) true crime podcast. Charlie offered her expertise in podcast editing and organisation and Ali jumped on the coat tails. 

Due to Tim's workload with his other podcast and his day job, he wasn't able to stick around and enjoy the show past episode 3 but Charlie and Ali being already to lost in the deep web made a pact to continue on because they already knew too much. They would tell you, but... You know how that story ends! 

All our episodes are recorded via Skype, sometimes at ridiculous times (turns out Australia and the United States are really, really, far apart. Who knew?!). What we do is sometimes trial and error but we are having fun. So as long as you keep listening, we will keep putting episodes out!