Host Bios



Ali McLennan

Podcasting saved Ali from the world of law enforcement where she previously worked in crash scene investigation for ten years. She researches, writes, voices and produces Mysteriously Listed, Beyond Your Nightmares and In Sight podcasts. Ali is excited to have the opportunity to expand these brands over to YouTube from late 2018

Ali’s mother always had a strong interest in true crime which had her collecting true crime magazines from a young age. She then took this interest through to her studies, earning a Bachelors with Honors in Criminology and Sociology. Ali has an interest in lesser known cases and victimology which In Sight allows her to share with the world. 

Ali lives in the Hunter Valley of Australia with her partner and three children.




Charlie Worroll

Charlie provides the US perspective and accent to In Sight, recording from her blanket fort studio in her basement. True crime, particularly unsolved cases and cold cases, have been an interest of hers since she first heard of the disappearance of Etan Patz as a child. She went in a different direction career wise and pursued training as an American Sign Language interpreter, which is possibly the least helpful skill when it comes to audio podcasts.

After a decade of homeschooling her children, she started podcasting as a hobby when her kids decided to go to a traditional school. Learning the technical side of podcasting put her in the right place at the right time when the opportunity to start In Sight came up.

Charlie also hosts Impact Statement, a podcast that gives victims and their families a voice. She cohosts Death's Door podcast season 2, produces In Sight Junior, and is a regular contributor to the We’re All Just Pretending podcast.

Charlie lives in her adopted hometown of Kansas City with her husband, six children, and assorted pets.